Duty Calls: Laser Tag at Sleepy Hollow


10 Minute Mission - $12.00/person.

Laser tag is open (weather permitting) during normal summer business hours. No reservation is needed.


Sleepy Hollow offers outdoor laser tag! Perfect for any event, without the mess of paintball or the meager distance of other laser tag systems. Brand new equipment for 2017 is the most advanced laser tag equipment available! Fun features of your game include:

Team elimination battle

Play to eliminate players from the opposing team, while protecting your own. Enough direct hits to a player will cost them a life- something both limited and valuable!

Video game like gameplay

While powered scopes and extremely accurate lasers ensure aim is important, video game like features such as reloading and respawning make you feel like you’re not just part of a game- you’re in one!

Advanced technology

Features like super bright LED team identification on the guns, visual health indicators, and both audio and tactile feedback make this one of the most interactive laser tag games around.

Equipment made for all ages

Our guns are the lightest around, with no bulky vests- making gameplay perfect for young children and adults alike. Battle straps make sure your gun can hang safely by your side when needed, and the industry-leading wireless headsets ensure you won’t get tangled up in wires while playing!